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Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights


Ever been driving along without worry only to have one of your Nissan dashboard warning lights light up and create a frenzy? Oftentimes, we know that something is wrong when a light turns on even if we don't know exactly what fix needs to be made. That's where your local Nissan car care center will rise to the occasion, remedying whatever is ailing your automobile with clarity, precision, and speed. Read through our helpful dashboard guide that explains all of the Nissan dashboard symbols and what it means when they are illuminated.

Determining What the Nissan Dash Lights Mean

If you see any of these Nissan indicator lights trying to get your attention, don't ignore it. Here's what your car is trying to tell you when any of the following Nissan warning lights on the dashboard light up. After you've deciphered what the problem is, get in touch quickly with a Nissan service and/or parts department and make an appointment to keep your car, yourself, and your most precious passengers safe.

Check Engine

If this crucial light begins to flash, you need to schedule a service appointment immediately. Once you're in one of our service bays, a member of our team will help you look at the Diagnostic Trouble Code and determine specifically what's ailing your engine. From there, they'll explain all that's behind your Check Engine notification, provide you with a detailed timeline, outlining the repair costs. This is a very serious notification and should be addressed as soon as possible after you recognize it is flashing.

Service Soon

This is one of the Nissan dashboard warning lights that can meet a couple of different internal issues. See your dealer as soon as you can when this important Nissan lights on dash draws your attention to avoid future issues that are just around the bend with your headlights, brake lights, and more.

Anti-Lock Brakes

If the anti-lock brakes sign lingers for over six seconds, there's a problem with your Nissan anti-lock brake system. Visit a service department near you and this issue should be able to be fixed quickly by a knowledgeable member of our team.


This protective feature will light up if the ignition is locked. Unlocking the system will unlock the security feature.


If you put your Nissan model to the test and throw it into performance mode for sport-styled driving, expect this signal to pop on.

Exhaust Particulate Filter (For Diesel)

This light indicates that you need to change your exhaust filter. Bring your vehicle in as soon as possible to a nearby service station and replace your exhaust filter to fix this one.

Glow Plug (For Diesel)

Do not start your vehicle if your glow plugs are illuminating and/or feel hot to the touch. Waiting will help you here as well as getting in touch with your local service department.

Door Ajar

Simply close one or more open doors to take care of this notification. It's one of the Nissan dashboard warning lights that's easy to turn off.

ESP Fault

If this blinking triangular shape lights up as one of your Nissan dashboard warning lights, there's an issue with your vehicle's traction or stability. Take your vehicle in and make sure the technicians take stock of the electronic stability system inside your vehicle.

Reduced Power Warning

Have a service technician at your local dealership inspect your vehicle's on-board diagnostics (OBD). This has to do with your car's ability to conserve energy out on the road.


If there's an issue with your battery it affects the entire car. You may need a jump start or to replace your battery if your battery's voltage isn't up to the appropriate level.

Coolant Temperature

This thermometer-looking icon will light up when there is an issue with coolant in the car. If you encounter this while looking at your Nissan dashboard warning lights, replace the coolant yourself or visit a service center nearby. They'll not only be able to replace the coolant fluid but also repair any leaks if necessary.

Parking Brake And Brake Fluid Warning Light

If the light stays illuminated, you're likely low on brake fluid. Drive your Nissan Rogue or other Nissan model over to your local auto repair shop or car-related store and you'll be able to take care of this one without too much worry.

Cruise Control

If this particular icon on the Nissan dashboard warning lights pops up, you have activated cruise control.

Traction Control/ESP

If the vehicle is going over wet terrain or slippery road conditions, you'll see this alert pop up to let you know that traction control has been enabled.

Wiper Fluid

Replenish your wiper fluid if you see this warning light. As far as fixes go, it doesn't get much easier than this one.

Exhaust Fluid (For Diesel)

One of our certified Nissan service technicians will be able to help you with this one as soon as you show us what's wrong. They'll be able to properly refill your exhaust fluid to the appropriate level and get you back out on the road.

Airbag Warning

The airbag warning light may indicate a faulty airbag system. Take your car in shortly and have a certified technician diagnose exactly what's ailing your airbag system.

*Disclaimer: Some of the dashboard lights displayed may not apply to all Nissan models.

Still Wondering About Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights?

Don't panic, our team is always ready to roll. If you can't decipher the Nissan dashboard warning lights and need some helpful assistance, we're just a phone call or a quick visit away. We’ve all been out on the road and felt that momentary sense of panic when our car tells us something is wrong. It may even last until you’re able to fix what the car is trying to tell you needs attention but our team will do their best to quell your fears and get you back out on the road with confidence.